Harter Drying Solutions: Airgenex®med
Professional drying systems for pharma and medical engineering

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HARTER Oberflächen- und Umwelttechnik GmbH

Harbatshofen 50
88167 Stiefenhofen
08383 92230
08383 922322

Harter Airgenex®med: pharmaceutical and medical drying solutions

Harter GmbH is highly specialized in development and production of condensation drying systems for particular industries. As owner managed company Harter exists since more than 20 years and ranks among the market leaders in the sphere of condensation drying.
The drying process Airgenex®med, invented by Harter, dries medical and pharmaceutical materials and products fast and highly efficient. Harter solves drying problems and optimizes drying processes with low temperature drying solutions in a closed system with heat recovery.

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