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Jakob Thaler GmbH: Kabelverlegemaschinen und Spulmaschinen

Jakob Thaler GmbH in Elmshorn near Hamburg:
Manufacturer of Cable Laying Machines and Winding Machines

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Jakob Thaler GmbH

Cable Laying Machinery and Equipment
Justus-von-Liebig-Stra√?e 8a
25335 Elmshorn
04121 579990
04121 5799957

Over 40 Years Cable Laying Machines and Winding Machines: Jakob Thaler GmbH Elmshorn

The idea of mechanical cables passing was brought to northern Germany by the South Tyrolean Jakob Thaler in 1964. Over the years a broad range of products and services for underground cable passing evolved.
Beginning with the production of a cable pushing device called "Cable Dog", the program was quickly supplemented by cable winches and cable trailers. Today Jaklob Thaler GmbH offers particular highly specialized machines, services and solutions in the sphere of underground cable laying.
For more information contact us or take a look on our corporate website.

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