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Tennis Garden Spa at Waging: Relaxation, Wellness, Tennis Camp

Tennis Wellnessgarten in Waging am See:
Sauna, Swimming, Wellness near Salzburg and Lake Chiemsee

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Tennis Garden Spa in Waging am See

Sepp Baumgartner
Angerpoint 5
83329 Waging am See
08681 9845
08681 4317

Tennis Garden Spa at Waging: Relax and feel comfortable!

In Upper Bavaria near Salzburg and Lake Chiemsee, the former tennis world champion Sepp Baumgartner operates the well known tenniscamp and spa area Tennis Garden Spa.

Aligned with the principles of feng shui guests can expect a spa and sensory garden at its best. Sauna, spa and massage services and a wide selection of cosmetics and beauty treatments invite you to relax and to feel comfortable.
The Tennis Garden Spa is geared to leave stress and hectic behind and to enhance well-being, inner balance, the balance between body and mind.

Contact the team of Sepp Baumgartner to learn more about Tennis Garden Spa and it′s tenniscamp.

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